Safety First

Do you also think it is important to safely deliver your meal? Promise to stick to the phone prohibition for bikes. 


I will stick to the new phone prohibition for bikes

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    Awesome resolution

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    Awesome resolution

    How are you going to make this happen?

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    When I use my navigation, I will keep an eye on my environment.

    Good call!

    Did you know that the prohibition applies to all electronic devices? That also means tablets, Apple Watches, etc.

    When I use my navigation and playlist, I will set it up before I leave.

    Great decision!

    Attach your phone to a holder on the bike. This way, you can use your phone safely.

    When I am at work I will attach my phone to a holder for my own safety.

    How awesome of you to follow through with this!

    Compliment your colleague who is using a holder on his/her bike.

    When I am typing a message, I will be standing still at a safe spot.

    Good call!

    Did you know that if you are standing still in front of traffic lights, you are still allowed to use your phone?

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